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Ibrahim Ashmawey is a passionate Orange County based Film and Television Writer widely known for his vivid, emotionally-moving writing style. Throughout his creative career, he has written for a multitude of prominent media outlets like Disney Channel. He has also both written and produced numerous independent films.


Born in the heart of Washington D.C., the creative spark entered Ibrahim’s life early on. By the age of 10, he started crafting short stories, resulting in statewide recognition. During middle school, he was the editor of the school newspaper. From a young age, he would see the extraordinary in what the majority deemed as ordinary. Ultimately, this is what drove him to share the unique things he saw through the art of storytelling.


Today, Ibrahim is happy to call his passion a lifelong vocation, and consistently strives to create positive change that will continue to impact people for generations to come.


Omar Ashmawey spent the majority of his school years continent hopping through travels which spanned from Germany to Turkey to the Americas to Africa and all in between. His travels enabled him to grasp a comprehensive notion of film and how it is presented in different cultures.

He studied Screen Arts at the University of Michigan. Omar then furthered his education with directing and filmmaking courses at the New York Film Academy at its campus in Universal Studios, Hollywood.

Omar wrote and directed several short films which screened at film festivals worldwide. He finally co-wrote and directed his first full-feature film entitled Boiling Pot, starring Oscar winner Lou Gossett Jr, Boy Meets World’s Danielle Fishel, Emmy award winner Keith David, John Heard, and M. Emmett Walsh. The film was distributed by Indican Pictures and released in 2015. Boiling Pot won the award for Best Directing at the Silent River Film Festival and was part of the official selection for the Catalina Film Festival, Action-On Film Festival, and several others.


Dillan joined AshmaweyFilms as a producer in 2012. He's been involved in every project since then.  He also serves as Director of Content Operations for Entertainment Studios and Freestyle Digital Media. Dillan has eight years in the film industry with a focus on post-production and film producing.

Previously in Sales for Freestyle Releasing, Dillan now coordinates asset delivery of all materials concerning theatrical exhibition. He maintains relationships with our vendors for printing and exhibition for virtual print fees and our fulfillment centers that work to scale.


He also tracks our budgets and reports grosses on all theatrical titles. Dillan has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business Economics and Film & Media.

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